Ts 1 Crosby Tatum Tatum selected to be a guest panelist during Fan Expo Boston.

15 AUGUST 2019

Triceptus Studios own Crosby Tatum has been chosen to be a guest panelist during the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival's panel on Genre Scriptwriting, this Friday, August 16, 2019 at 6 pm during Fan Expo Boston at the Boston Conference and Exhibition Center, Room 253C, 415 Summer St, Boston, MA 02210.

Details for the event are below in the picture.

Here's more information about the panel.

GENRE SCRIPTWRITING - by the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival

It can be as complex as Tony Stark's arc reactor heart, but it doesn't need to be. Writing a screenplay in the field of science fiction takes some good ideas, some mixing of standard plot ideas and the diligence to see it through. Everyone of our panelists has done and seen their ideas become movies. Learn from them. Discover the tricks of the trade. Panel Goal : To give the audience a simple step by step guide to starting their own screenplay.

Also speaking on the panel will be filmmakers Izzy Lee, David Giancola, and Jake Mulligan.

Tickets for the panel and for the Fan Expo begin at $35 Dollars (USD) and can be purchased at the Fan Expo Boston Website (Click here).

Congratulations Crosby, and see you all at the panel..