OFFICIAL RELEASE: Triceptus Studios Releases “Teaser” Trailer for “Why, Now?”

Watch the Trailer below!

The company’s latest project gives a “first” person perspective into the civil unrest happening in America.

Boston, MA— 09/30/2020 — Triceptus Studios today released a special “Teaser Trailer” of its latest project entitled “Why Now,” giving viewers a “first-hand look” at the studios first documentary project.

Protesters March Down Beacon St., Boston, MA - Still From Crosby Tatum

Centered around the demonstrations and rallies after the abhorrent murder of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, killed in custody by Minnesota Police, protesters from all walks of life take to the streets, demanding change and accountability against police brutality and systemic racism, amidst a global pandemic. Why, Now plans to give viewers a gritty, cinematic, “first” person perspective into the personal ideals and stories of people coming together, taking a stand, to change not just American history, but world history as well.   “

I’m really excited about this project,” said Crosby Tatum, Executive Producer/Founder at Triceptus Studios and the Lead Producer/Writer/Director of the series. “It was a challenge to get to this point. Like many, after the George Floyd incident, you see this response with people hitting the streets, and right then and there, I just felt compelled to capture the moment and let the people be the story. Our stories matter, and they need to be told as such.”

Why Now is currently slated to be Triceptus Studios first documentary series in the company’s history. A formal release date and preview will be announced in the near future once the project completes post-production.

Why Now’s trailer can be seen on Triceptus Studios YouTube and Vimeo channels, along all of its social media pages at this time (

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