Love's jamie Perez STARS in robert rodriguez's netflix film "we can be heroes"

08 december 2020

Confused... by Love's own Jamie Perez steps into the role of a Hero as she soars into Robert Rodriguez's latest Spy Kids adaption, We Can Be Heroes.

Watch the Trailer Here

SYNOPSIS: When alien invaders kidnap Earth's superheroes, their kids are whisked away to a government safe house. But whip-smart tween Missy Moreno (Yaya Gosselin) will stop at nothing to rescue her superhero dad, Marcus Moreno (Pedro Pascal). Missy teams up with the rest of the superkids to escape their mysterious government babysitter, Ms. Granada (Priyanka Chopra Jonas). If they're going to save their parents, they'll have to work together by using their individual powers — from elasticity to time control to predicting the future — and form an out-of-this-world team. Full of action and heart, WE CAN BE HEROES is directed by Robert Rodriguez (SPY KIDS, THE ADVENTURES OF SHARKBOY AND LAVAGIRL) and also stars Boyd Holbrook, Christian Slater, Chris McDonald, and Adriana Barraza..

Perez (pictured below) is slated to play Lavagirl in the Netflix Christmas release film.

Cast as Tiffany Marie Middlebecker in Triceptus Studio's second feature film Confused by Love, Perez's role has lead the film to screen at over twelve [12] different film festivals worldwide and secure Video On-Demand distribution with Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, iTunes, Tubi, and several other platforms around the world.