“A Message from Triceptus Studios Executive Producer/Founder Crosby Tatum in light of recent events.”

09/01/20 [Boston, MA] – I’ve been meaning to write this message since late May of this year as like many of us, we we’re all deeply affected by the senseless and tragic murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the hands of its police force.

I would like to finally make a statement regarding the recent events in our world and about standing together with one another in solidarity. To be honest with you, there are no words to describe what we are seeing before us for the past several months.

We are all been feeling pain, sorrow, despair, exhaustion, and grief from all the tragic and disheartening events in our country and world today. Against the throughs of a global pandemic, and the systemic pandemic of racism and social disparity, we are all tired. We are all hurt. What we aren't, is defeated. The credo of Triceptus Studios is simple. "To Create. To Innovate. And Change."

To change means "To Alter." "To make different." "To transform." It can be an internal change. It can be external. But change is necessary to "Progress Forward."

Our company has been blessed to take a multi-cultural stance, since inception, to work with talent and crew no matter race, creed, or orientation. We stand in solidarity for our brothers and sisters of Black, African, and African-American descent. We also stand with those in the Hispanic, Native, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, and LGBTQ communities worldwide.

We have much to learn from each other, including myself. If we do the work to understand one another, one day, we will all sit at the table and eat together -- like we are all family.

NO WEAPON, either physically, mentally, verbally, or spiritually, SHALL PROSPER.

Until justice is real, #blacklivesmatter. Thank you.

Sincerely with love,

Crosby Tatum

Executive Producer/Founder - Triceptus Studios