Creation. Innovation. ENTERTAINMENT. Change.

Triceptus Studios is a motion picture production company that provides clients high-end production services and assistance in all facets of creative motion picture, television, and new media productions and shows.

Founded in 2005, our work have been featured on notable networks and platforms, such as Netflix, Prime Video, iTunes, and on Network Television platforms and multiple theatrical chains across the world. Triceptus Studios goal is to produce high-quality films and programming that entertains, delights, informs, and inspires audiences worldwide through our motto of Creation. Innovation. And Change!

As the world shifts and changes, our goal is simply to ensure a creative, immersive, environment for every person who works in our company. Triceptus Studios stands on the forefront of unparalleled access and vibrance that will forge a new foundation for creative independence, and synergetic relationships with the world's best talent across the board, and our dedication and continued goal of our standard of excellence, only we can provide.



executive producer/founder -- triceptus studios

Boston, Massachusetts native, Crosby Tatum, secured distinction as a television and motion picture producer, director, writer, and editor with works featured on Netflix, BET, Amazon Prime, and global video on demand platforms. Tatum’s mantra is evident in his work: “Create opportunity where it seems as if there is no opportunity to be had at all.” The concept motivates Tatum’s loyalty to thorough work, the latest film and video technologies available, and to resilience in his profession.

Tatum graduated from the New England Institute of Art with an associate degree in television broadcasting. His dedication and ability to excel during his time at the New England Institute of Art earned him the Most Outstanding Broadcaster Award in 2003. Two years following this achievement, Tatum founded Triceptus Studios, a motion picture production and post-production company. Triceptus Studios ensures excellence in every stage of the creative and technical processes, handling everything including the producing, directing, budgeting, screenwriting, post-production work and finishing services for clients. Triceptus Studios’ film, television, and new media projects are shown worldwide, presented at film festivals, and complimented with various awards. As his company advances, Tatum continues to expand his personal expertise. Working with elite creative professionals, Tatum shares his talent, and in return learns from renowned colleagues he has worked with on some of his projects including Christina Keyes (Tyler Perry: A Madea Christmas), Jazsmin Lewis (Barbershop I and Barbershop II), Robin Givens, Keith Robinson, Tangi Miller, Christopher Nolen, Mickey Factz, and Kdita Otaku.

Two feature films, Surprise, Surprise!!! and Confused…by Love, highlight Tatum’s skill set in producing, directing, writing and distributing. An additional seven feature films specifically exemplify Tatum’s capabilities as a producer. Five of these works earned placement on BET, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Further information regarding these films can be found on Tatum’s IMDB page (Click Here).

Tatum proudly supports his hometown sports teams when away from work, cheering on the New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, and the Boston Red Sox with pride. His love for sports also expands into professional wrestling, and Tatum enthusiastically participates in mixed martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. When sports subside, Tatum loves to explore the culinary and physical worlds, experimenting with foods and traveling whenever possible.


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